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  • Heat Recovery On HAG Exhaust
  • High Temperature Divertor Valves
  • Hot Air Generators
  • Waste Heat Recovery On Annealing Furnace
  • Waste heat recovery on Burner Exhausts
  • Waste Heat Recovery On RTO Exhausts
  • Waste Heat Reocvery - Charge Preheater
  • Biomass Briquette conversions
  • WHR HWG On Melting Furnace Exhaust
  • Heat Recovery Monitoring Systems
  • Heat Recovery Monitoring Systems
  • Waste Heat Recovery
Heat Recovery On HAG Exhaust1 High Temperature Divertor Valves2 Hot Air Generators3 Waste Heat Recovery On Anneling Furnace4 Waste heat recovery on Burner Exhausts5 Waste Heat Recovery On RTO Exhausts6 Waste Heat Reocvery - Charge Preheater7 Biomass Briquette conversions8 WHR HWG On Melting Furnace Exhaust9 10 11 Waste Heat Recovery12
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Heat Pumps

Air to Water heat pump
Air to Water heat pump
Air to Water heat pump

Air to Water Heat Pump

Daikin or Copeland compressor
Heat Pump Dryers
Emerson expansion valve, Saginomiya 4 - way value
Axial type fan motor with Nylon fan blades, low power cosumption, low running noise, long usage life
Deron made tube heat exchanger, low fouling and easy for maintenance
Coated steel or SUS 304# stainless steel cabinet with good workmanship



DERON Air-Water Heat Pump for Sanitary Hot Water / Central Heating

Heat Pump Contrast Reference Between Deron Heat Pump (Model DE-92W/D) and Other Suppliers :

Available capacity upto 100 kg per Hour Dehydration

Heat Pump   Benefits
Electrically powered equipment consisting of a compressor and two carefully matched heat exchangers.   Lower fuel bills
      Long life up to 15 years
Working Principle   High efficiency up to 400%
The system follows Carnot Cycle Principle, driven by electricity. It absorbs the latent heat in the air, compresses it to heat by compressor, and exchange heat to higher the water temperature.   Reduced carbon emission
1 unit electricity can produce heat equal to 4 units equivalent heat   Fit and forget technology, less maintenance
      No gas exhausts.
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