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Heat Pump Dryers :

Closed - Loop Heat Pump Dehydration Dryers

Unique Drying Technology
Heat Pump Dryers

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Ideal Drying Quality
Outstanding Energy Saving
Easy Installation
Easy to operate & Maintain
Very Low Pay back Period
5 Greate innovations


WRH-100B Series - Cabinate-style All-in-one Mid-temperature Dryer

Model WRH-100B
Power supply V/Hz 220V ~ 50Hz
Power Input KW 1.0
Running Current A 5.0
Fast heating-up KW 1
Maximum Power Kw 2.0
Gehydration Amount Kg/h 3.3 (@50oC, 80%)
Best Drying Temperature oC 55 ~ 65
Max. Hot Air Temperature oC 65
Working ambient Temperature oC -20 ~ 50
Noisw Level dB(A) <60
Wind Volume m3/h 1100
Dimension (LxWxH) mm 1180 x 680 x 1800
Tray Size (LxWxH) mm 780 x 510 x 40
Net Weight kg 153
Gross Weight kg 165



Unique Features of IKE - OPEL Closed-Loop Heat Pump Dryer
Taking away the moisture, not its temperature, from the material to be dried is the essence of drying , and the key element for drying efficiency is the relative humidity in the surrounding space. Using this principle, Opel creatively developed and manufactured a Cloosed-Loop Dehydration Dryer, changing drying from the traditional "baking" to "dehumidifying". It has many unique features that a traditional heat pump dryer cannot match :
No air exchange with outside keeps active ingredients in the material, prevents contamination, and maintain efficient drying. Hot air only circulates inside and no energy is lost. The energy saving is incomparable to traditional drying machines. Drying efficiency is independant of external weather conditions. Only water is released from a drying house. Internal energy is 100% recycled.
Waste Heat Recovery - Air Preheater on Thermo Pack
No active ingredient exchange with low temperature drying, hance different materials can be dried together to increase productivity.
With dehumidification drying at low temperatures, the material can be dehydrated quickly and will seldom deteriorate.
Closed loop design makes strong wind convection and even drying. No human laboor is needed to flip material.
Since the core machine is pushed in directly with no pipe connection, it can be installed within ten minutes.
With inside core machine, the preformance of the dryer is indepandent of external weather conditions and it can be installed in any location.

Comparison of Different Drying Methods

Many traditional drying methods usually use coal, fossil oil, natural gas or electricity as the power source for dying. A more advancedone uses ai-sourced energy for drying. We made a comprehensive comparison among seceral drying systems, using 1 kilogram of water dehydrated from the material to be dried as the comparison standard.
Heating method Heating by electricity Coal furance Fossil Oil Natural Gas Traditional open-loop heat pump dryer Opel closed-loop heat pump dehydration dryer
Fuel type Electricity Coal Diesel Natural gas Electricity Electricity
Heating power
860kcal/kwh 5500kcal/kg 10200 kcal/kg 8600kcal/m3 860kcal/kwh 860kcal/kwh
Heat efficiency 95% 60% 80% 80% 200% 500%
Effective heating power 817 kcal 3300 kcal 8160 kcal 6880kcal 1720kcal 4300kcal
Unite price of the fule(RS.)
8/kwh 6/kg 60/kg 40/m3 8/kwh 8/kwh
Operation cost(Rs.)
11.75 2.2 7.35 6.9 5.6 2.2
Human administration cost Higher High High High Average Low
Maintance cost
Lower Higher Higher Higher Lower Very Low
Safety feature Unsafe Unsafe Unsafe Less Safe Safe
Pollution exent No Very Heavy No No No No
Equipment lifetime 5-7 years 8-10 years 8-10 years 8-10 years 10-15 years 10-15 years
The above parameters are calculated assuming 1200 kcal of energy is required to dehydrate 1 kilogram of water.

IKE - Opel closed-loop heat pump dehyration dryer is bringing a revolution to the drying industry!


Available capacity upto 100 kg per Hour Dehydration
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