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  • Heat Recovery Monitoring Systems
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Heat Recovery On HAG Exhaust1 High Temperature Divertor Valves2 Hot Air Generators3 Waste Heat Recovery On Anneling Furnace4 Waste heat recovery on Burner Exhausts5 Waste Heat Recovery On RTO Exhausts6 Waste Heat Reocvery - Charge Preheater7 Biomass Briquette conversions8 WHR HWG On Melting Furnace Exhaust9 10 11 Waste Heat Recovery12

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Air-Preheaters For Thermopack

Air Preheaters for Steam Boiler, Thermic Fluid Heater, Furnace, Ovens.
Thermopack Capacity - 6,00,000 kcal/hr.
Air-Preheaters For Thermopack
Stack Temperature Before Airpreheater - 250 Deg.C.
Stack Temperature After Airpreheater - 180 Deg. C
Combination Air Temperature - 120 Deg. C.
Efficiency Increased By - 5 %.
Annual Saving In F.O. Cost - 6,00,000/-
Additional Benefits Of Airpreheater - Complete Combustion Clean Burner assembly Low Maintainance.
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